Services for your Furry Friends

Our services cover the usual scenarios; Pet Sitting when you're gone from home but with no need for anyone to stay overnight; Dog Walking and Runs during the day while you're at work; and Overnight Sitting should you be gone for an extended period and need someone at home with your furry friends. These scenarios can be combined or customized for your needs. 

Pet Sitting

When you're out of town for a weekend or short trip, travel with no worries

Dog Walking

When you're at work....and dogo needs a fun break. Choose from a walk or run in the midday

Overnight Sitting 

When you're gone for an extended period....and there's no better place than home Suite home



6:30 - 10 am and 7 - 10 pm

30 minute early morning or late evening visit for cats and dogs. With feedings, medications and litter care or walk. Tons of TLC.          

for cats

for dogs





10 am - 2pm

30 minute midday outing for your dog with choice of walk or run. Good way to break the days lull and tons of TLC.  

per walk

per run





7 pm - 7am

overnight stay with your cat or dog. With feedings, medications and litter care or walk. Much wow, tons of TLC.

for cats

for dogs



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