Overnight Sitting

You're finally settled in Houston and finding yourself needing to go out of town more often or for extended periods of time. Maybe it's work or vacation, either way who's going to look after your pets and home? Who's going to make sure Willie stays out of trouble, or make sure Annie eats her dinner? Suite Pet has the best overnight sitters in Houston and are available to make sure everything goes well at home while you're out of town. 

Our Overnight Sitting service is an ideal alternative to traditional boarding, which some pets may find too stressful. Pet sitters arrive by 7 PM and are there till at least 7 AM. Service includes an evening walk at arrival, dinner and breakfast service, with medications / treatments if needed, a potty break before bed, and morning walk prior to departure. For our kitty friends, we'll be there for dinner and breakfast service, including any medications / treatments, litter duty and care, and tons of play. All get TLC.  Visits are GPS tracked and monitored, a record of which is provided in daily updates. 

You'll be traveling with peace of mind knowing you have the best overnight pet sitters in Houston providing your pets the exceptional care they deserve. 

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