Dog Walking

Maybe you've recently moved to Houston or landed that dream job in Boom Town, and some where in between all the excitement we forgot about who's gonna walk the puper while you're out making it. No worries, Suite Pet has you covered! We'll be there to give Tug and Lulu a walk in the neighborhood or even run Atticus to burn off some energy. ​ So pace yourself and enjoy that lunch, you've got the best dog walkers in Houston on your side. 

Our Dog Walking service is ideal for midday walks or runs, while you're at work. These visits occur in the late morning to mid-afternoon from 10 am - 2 pm with some flexibility if needed. Walks and runs are for approximately 30 minutes (27-33 mins depending on access) and are conducted on one-to-one household basis, solo outings, no grouped walks. All visits are GPS tracked and monitored, a record of which is provided in a daily update.

So pace yourself and enjoy your lunch, your kiddo is already out on his walk enjoying the beautiful day!

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