We are a team of dedicated and professional pet sitters in Houston. We are comprised of Partners, Employees and Contractors. We are bonded and insured. We have a combined experience of 23 years, providing in-home pet sitting and dog walking services, including overnight services. 

All care providers have been screened and trained to standards. Care providers have college degrees or are pursuing higher education. Many have experience in the veterinary field and can provide additional care services. But most importantly:


We love what we do!


Love, Happiness, and Health

Love is our ultimate value and drive. We all have pets and know what they provide. We are fully aware of that special bond. It's from that perspective that we conduct all of our care in, and are driven to constantly consider your pets well-being and happiness. It's not enough to simply be there when you're not, our goal is for them to not notice you even left. We do that by fostering a loving relationship and bond with your pet.


Aside from love, we seek to provide enrichment, both daily and over the course of your pets life. We want to break the monotony of the day, and give your pet some fun and Happiness to look forward to every day. Everyone needs a pal and that's what we seek to provide.

Our loving and enriching relationship with your pet will give us a unique opportunity to keep an eye on their Health. As we get to know your pet, we're able to assess patterns and behaviors that are within their normal limits. This range allows us to cross reference changes to your pets health and behavior, helping us keep a better eye on their health. We're also able to support their health, should any medications or treatments be needed. Many of us have veterinary field experience, and are more than capable.

Our values drive our efforts in ensuring that your pet feels loved, happy, and healthy, it's what makes Suite Pet the best pet sitters in Houston. 

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